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WordPress SEO and SEM

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms available. It offers an excellent and diverse range of features for blogs and websites, allowing full customisation and design. With an excellent number of superbly designed themes, you can have a website that is perfectly tailored to your needs. However, even the best looking and most user friendly websites need traffic in order to be successful. This is where SEO and SEM come in. It can be a little daunting at first, and perhaps seem like a lot to take in. However, it’s actually a lot simpler than it looks and is a fantastic way for you to generate traffic to your site.

What is SEO and SEM for WordPress

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is a methodology that incorporates a number of strategies and techniques to increase traffic and unique visitors to your website. This is done by obtaining a high ranking place on the results page for search engines. Using unique content and specific keywords that are frequently searched for and relate to your website are key factors that contribute to high page rankings.

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages. This is primarily achieved by advertisements, such as promoted results at the very top of the search page, as well as those that have been promoted in the side bar. It often incorporates SEO to achieve a higher ranking, and it can also be used to enhance Pay Per Click (PPC) listings.

Both are incredibly useful and effective forms of encouraging traffic to your website, and are often used together as they complement each other perfectly. Using these together can really increase your rankings, and there are several great techniques you can use to take full advantage of this.

Meta Tags on WordPress

The meta tag is that little piece of information underneath the title for a webpage. It can be edited by you to include eye catching and important information about your site and the things it offers. You can insert keywords into the meta tag yourself, which can help to boost rankings on Google and other search engines.

The SEO checker on WordPress is great and will let you know how your meta tag ranks in terms of good SEO. Make sure the content in this section is original and not just a copy and paste from another section of your WordPress website as original content ranks higher.

Keyword Research

An essential part of SEO and SEM is the keyword research that takes place before writing detailed content, including blog posts and product listings. Keyword research allows you to find words that are most searched by users on search engines in relation to your WordPress website. Through detailed searching, you will be able to discover relevant keywords and long tail keywords that can assist in high ranking results.

Google offers a service called Adwords for businesses, where you can conduct basic keywords analysis and have a deeper insight into the people visiting your site and the origin of traffic, as well as commonly searched keywords. It can even create new keywords variations for you to use. SEO and SEM are so important in this area, and with careful and precise research, it is easy to find commonly used keywords.

Link Building

Build a web of links, back link to others sections and pages on your website to make it more user friendly and to help boost your rankings. There are several great ways to can achieve link building both within and outside of your WordPress website. A key thing to remember, however, is that when linking both internally and externally, try not to have more than five links per page as it can cause it to become crowded.

Guest posts are superb for link building as many of the websites you can write for allow you to link back to your own website either in the post, your bio, or both. The links encourage more traffic to come and visit your site, especially if the content is good and interesting to read.

Working with other people who are relevant to your site and the content on it can be a great way to gain more traffic. Things like interviews, guest videos, and even review posts can be great ways to link with other people who are relevant to your brand or website. Writing these things on your blog is likely to cause the person you are collaborating with to post it on theirs.

That way, their fans come to you, increasing traffic and the number of unique visitors. The more people you collaborate with, the better the chances of success. Plus, with you name out there and inserted in the blogs of others, it is sure to help your SEO and boost the search rates for some of your popular keywords.

Quality Content

First, you need a key phrase, one that defines what your brand is trying to say and what it stands for. It will end up as one of your most commonly used words for SEO and SEM, and one that will really help to boost your overall search engine rankings. For example, using it in the tagline for your website title/heading can be really effective when it comes to giving you a boost in the page listings.

Your content needs to be exciting, engaging, and something that people want to read. Blog posts should capture your readers and use well placed keywords to help them find the posts and website, but also to help remind them about the services you provide. Make sure it is all 100% original, as copied content can cause serious issues when it comes to your search engine rankings – unoriginal content will cause a drastic drop in rankings. Your content is essential to the success of your blog and website, and every page/post should be different (even if only slightly) from the other.

To Conclude

Using SEO and SEM is essential if you want to rise in search engine rankings and have your website become more visible to potential new customers and visitors. Traffic is what drives your website, it is the force that creates a buzz for your site and encourages more visitors that can be potentially converted into customers or regular followers. Remember to use original content, research your keywords, and keep yourself well connected with others in the industry and you are sure to find your way to the ultimate success with WordPress. As one of the top platforms for blogs and websites, these simple tips will help you to gain a much larger SEO and SEM advantage than many of the other users. Take a look at Yoast for more web optimisation tips and tricks.

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